selection of our JDM goodness
due to current restrictions, we are doing post only - no pickup. stay safe all.


what you need to know and how to get started

there are a lot of costs to consider when importing both cars and parts.

to make things easier – we have created a downloadable spreadsheet with a complete breakdown of costs
and calculates JPY –> AUD currency, tax, shipping costs, commission etc. 

If that's all a little too confusing for you - you are more than welcome to contact us for a quote directly.



watashi wa bardan desu

import monky have been importing cars & car parts from
Japan since late 2001. we initially setup our shop

in Saitama to cater for our friends' automotive requirements. however, due to an increasing demand for a personalised
and cost effective service, we have decided to
set up our own online business.

we have access to everything Japan has to offer
– major auction houses, dealership networks for cars,

yahoo, upgarage and many more.  we try to keep our commission and overheads as low as possible
so you get maximum value. 

please browse through our online inventory
or request new and/or used parts.

peace & love.



drop us a line here or if you'd like to have a chat 0432 860 997